New and Used Keyboards in Victoria

Tempo Trend Music in Victoria sells high-quality keyboards from reputed brands such as Yamaha, Behringer, Casio, and Roland. Pianos from these brands sound and feel so good that they never need tuning. You can just use headphones and hook them up to the computer. You can come to us for both new and used electronic keyboards at competitive pricing. We also offer keyboard lessons, 6 months full trade-up, warranties, and repair services. Give us a call to learn more.

Usually, teachers want kids to learn on a touch-sensitive keyboard, so that the harder they hit, the louder it gets. It helps to get the dynamic expression in. Many kids can start on a normal 5 octave, 61 note keyboard and then move up to 76 keys, 88 keys, and so on. Gradually they want heavy weighted action like a regular piano or a grand piano, so there are 3 different kinds of keyboards they can work their way through. Contact us today to learn more about the keyboard that will fit your needs.

OUR Services

In addition to providing our clients and students with top-quality keyboards, we provide the following services:

  • Sales of new, used and consignment of keyboards
  • Keyboard repairs
  • Replacement parts for keyboards
  • Keyboard lessons

KEYBOARDS Trade-up Deals

Tempo Trend Music offers trade-up deals on keyboards. If you keep your keyboard in really good shape, you can trade it within 6 months for a more expensive keyboard. You will get 100% back for the first one to apply to the second item if your instrument is in excellent condition.

Our Business Around the World

Tempo Trend Music is proud to ship musical instruments and their parts all over the world. From North America to Europe and Asia, we ship to all our global clients around the world.

What Our Customers are Saying?

Helpful and Accommodating

“Very helpful and accommodating for a beginner like me. They gave me a very good price on my purchase of a digital piano and also threw in the stand and stool for no charge. But most importantly, they chose to deliver it for free since I did not have a car. That is awesome.”

- Ameya C.

Best Salesman

“Martin is the best salesman, ask him.”

- Norbert P.

Amazing Music Shop

“This amazing local music shop should be your first stop before L&M especially if you are looking for percussion, banjo, mandolin, guitar, rare/unique, or hardware. Good selection of used as well. Marvin is a champ and always caters to the customer, he will cut you a deal on stuff every now and then too. They also custom make various hard to find drum hardware. Support your (very excellent) local music shop!”

- Adrian U.

6 Months Full Trade-up

If you keep your purchased instrument in good shape, trade it within 6 months for an item of the same type. We also offer 3 years full trade-up for accordions.

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From accordions, ukuleles and guitars to drums and keyboards, we can provide you with them all.

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