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Top Quality Music Lessons at our Music School in Victoria

Join our music school at Tempo Trend Music in Victoria to learn playing guitars, drums, piano, accordions, banjos, vocals, clarinets, ukuleles, mandolins, bass guitars and violins. We have been teaching since the early 1960s and we make it fun and interesting for the kids to come in and play a musical instrument. Our clientele consists of people ranging in age from 4–94 years. We welcome everyone into our music school. Contact us to enroll in our music lessons.

Many of our ukulele and accordion students include retired and older folks. it is a great way for older people to stay physically and mentally active. Grandparents who took lessons from us in the 60s are now bringing their grandkids to take lessons with us. We provide private instructions for most instruments in our dedicated music teaching facility located above our main store.


Weekly lessons are booked through the store at:

  • $30.00 / 30 minute private lesson

  • $45.00 / 45 minute private lesson

  • $60.00 / 60 minute private lesson

Please note that special consideration is given on pricing of musical instruments to our music school students.



Richard is a school teacher and also a music teacher. He has been with us for over 10 years now and is an expert in piano, accordion, guitar and ukulele lessons.


Sherman is a well-known master guitarist in our area and has been teaching with us for over 40 years. He is equally accomplished in rock, folk, classical, blues, country and jazz. He has written six books, covering guitar techniques for beginners. Born and raised on Chicago’s North Side, he was exposed to country music at an early age. Over the past few years, he has divided his time between teaching guitar and touring with acts such as the Pony Club, Prairie Rose and Canadian folk legend, Valdy. He has also played locally with many bands, such as The Elderly Brothers, The Blue Moon Band, Don McLennan & Friends and many others.

He released his first CD, “Heartsongs” on October 2, 2009. Since then he has released his second album “From out of the Blue” and just finished his third album “It Ain’t Rock”. Over the years, he has composed over 100 original songs written to date that have earned him a reputation as a talented songwriter and composer. His latest album features a compilation of songs that reflect his taste in jazz, blues, country, rock and pop.


Alyshia is currently in the fourth year of completing her Bachelor of Music Education at the University of Victoria, majoring in clarinet studies. She has been teaching privately for the past two years. She teaches all ages, abilities and experience levels. Alyshia is the granddaughter of two accordion teachers that met at Tempo Trend Music in the 70s.


Jelena has been teaching accordions for 8 to 9 years now. She came from Croatia in Serbia and advocates for accordions. She received her Master’s Degree in Accordion Performance and Education from one of the most recognized accordion centres in the world, the Music Academy in Kragujevac (Serbia). Jelena is currently getting her doctorate for accordions. Along with her ongoing research and music lessons, she also helps with the accordion festivals in Victoria.

Being a versatile musician with an extensive performing history, she has played numerous concerts in Europe, Canada and the USA, as a soloist, chamber musician and a soloist with various orchestras. She is the winner of some of the most prestigious international accordion competitions. Her debut concert in New York City at the Weill Recital Hall in Carnegie Hall, in 2009, was the first accordion recital after 30 years, in that prestigious venue.


Barry started playing drums at the age of 16 and has played with numerous local bands, both big and small. A close friend of David Foster, Barry has also played with great artists like Bo Diddley and Jack berry. His range of styles includes rock, jazz, rhythm and blues. As a result of his earnest contribution to the Victorian music scene, he has been inducted twice into the Victoria’s Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame. For the last 12 years, Barry has provided the solid beat behind a well-known rock and roll group, Rukus and teaches modern drumming at our music school.



Tempo Trend Music is happy to announce that one of the very talented instructors at our music school is starting a free online series for intermediate guitar players.

Join Sherman Sheldon on Shredding with Sherman, a unique series beginning with twenty instructional videos. We look forward to your views!

Shredding With Sherman - Lesson 1 (Establishing the Pentatonic Foundation)

Shredding With Sherman - Lesson 2 (More on MajorMinor Pentatonic Overlaps)

Shredding With Sherman - Lesson 3 (Pentatonic Overlap Review)

Shredding With Sherman - Lesson 4 (Finding Balance In Your Solos)

Shredding With Sherman - Lesson 5 (Jamming on Ice Cream)

Shredding With Sherman - Lesson 6 (Chromatic Scale and its Applications)

Shredding With Sherman - Lesson 7 (Developing Tri-Tones_ and Major Pentatonic Soloing)

Shredding With Sherman - Lesson 8 (Double-Stop Theory and Tri-Tones Continued_ Intro to C-A-G-E-D)

Shredding With Sherman - Lesson 9 (Mapping out the 7th Chord for Blues in G_ C-A-G-E-D Continued)

Shredding With Sherman - Lesson 10 (Jamming in G_ Power Rows_ C-A-G-E-D Continued___)

Shredding With Sherman - Lesson 11 (Solo Strategies)

Shredding With Sherman - Lesson 12 (Black Magic Minor Blues)

Shredding With Sherman - Lesson 13 (Black Magic Minor Blues Part 2)

Shredding With Sherman - Lesson 14 (Black Magic Minor Blues - Part 3)

Shredding With Sherman - Lesson 15 (Black Magic Minor Blues - Part 4)

Shredding With Sherman - Lesson 16 (Rambling Man Jamming in C with a Pinch of Minor)

Shredding With Sherman - Lesson 17 (Diatonic Modes in G)

Shredding With Sherman - Lesson 18 (Open Strings_ Secret Melodies_ Secondary Dominants)

Shredding With Sherman - Lesson 19 (Diatonic Rows pt 2_ Melodic Minor Scale_ Jamming on Sleepwalk)

Shredding With Sherman - Lesson 20 (Wrap Up)



“Very helpful and accommodating for a beginner like me. They gave me a very good price on my purchase of a digital piano and also threw in the stand and stool for no charge. But most importantly, they chose to deliver it for free since I did not have a car. That is awesome.”

- Ameya C.


“Martin is the best salesman, ask him.”

- Norbert P.


“This amazing local music shop should be your first stop before L&M especially if you are looking for percussion, banjo, mandolin, guitar, rare/unique, or hardware. Good selection of used as well. Marvin is a champ and always caters to the customer, he will cut you a deal on stuff every now and then too. They also custom make various hard to find drum hardware. Support your (very excellent) local music shop!”

- Adrian U.


We have an excellent team of professional musicians who will help you master the art of music.


If you keep your purchased instrument in good shape, trade it within 6 months for an item of the same type. We also offer 3 years full trade-up for accordions.

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