We Have the Largest Accordion Inventory in North America

Ever wondered why people around the world love playing accordions? The answer lies in its sweet tune and rhythm. Tempo Trend Music provides top-quality, beautiful and versatile accordions in Victoria BC Canada. An accordion is one of the most expressive musical instruments because you are controlling the lungs of the instrument. We have the largest inventory of accordions in North America and we are proud to ship our accordions all over the world. Get in touch with our sales department to get more information.

How Are We Different in the Industry?

An accordion is a versatile instrument used in many cultures across the globe. It is entertaining, portable and you can play all kinds of music with it. Although it is a widely used instrument, most music stores do not have very much experience with them. That’s why at Tempo Trend Music, we make sure that you get the best possible service for your beloved instrument along with the right information from our specialists.

We have one of the finest accordion instructors at our music school, Jelena, who is currently getting her PHD in accordions. Come, join our accordion lessons and enjoy learning the art of playing the accordion.


We have accordions of all makes, models and style at our store, and we know how to repair them professionally. Our experts can advise people about which accordions would be the right one for them based on the tuning, size and music they want to play.

  • Dry tuning: Classical or dry tuning is used more for classical, contemporary or orchestral type playing.
  • Wet tuning: Musette or wet tuning is what the European and Latin American's typically love to play and hear. They love it because of the little bit of vibrato that it creates. It is because of this special kind of tuning that accordions are still alive today. The Musette sound evokes lots of emotion in people that grew up in a community where accordion was the main folk instrument, which made them want to dance and to sing.
  • Size: Playing a specific type of accordion also depends on the age of a person. People who used to play accordions in their 50s and 60s, and are in their 70s and 80s now, cannot handle the big heavy ones. They want a smaller, lighter one, so they can continue to keep playing. Playing the accordion uses both side of your brain which is beneficial to the health of your brain as you age.

OUR Services

In addition to providing our clients and students with top-quality accordions, we provide the following services:

  • Sales of new, used and consignment of accordions
  • Accordion repairs
  • Replacement parts for accordions
  • Accordion lessons

Listen to Our Owner Martin Give a Little Talk on BUYING USED Accordions

ACCORDIONS Trade-up Deals

Tempo Trend Music offers trade-up deals on accoustic accordions. If you keep your accordion in really good shape, you can trade it within 3 years for a more expensive accordion. You will get 100% back for the first one to apply to the second item if your accordion is in good condition.

What Our Customers are Saying?

Fascinating Store

“Great people and fascinating store for the accordion geek!”

- Paul B.

A Lot of Great Accordions in Stock

“Definitely! Great stuff and a lot of great accordion in stock. Highly recommend!”

- Saša B.

Good Instrument

“I purchased a Hohner tone chamber chromatic accordion from Martin and company at Tempo Trend. Very good instrument. Have had two other accordions worked on by Tempo Trend accordion technicians (including owner Martin).”

- Michael JW.

Excellent Service

“Martin is very knowledgeable and helped me choose the perfect accordion for me. Excellent service; although it's a used accordion, it comes with the same guarantees and warranty as a new one. Love the store and I'll be back next time I'm in Victoria!”

- Kara W.

Amazing Services

“I bought an accordion on line and the seller did not package it properly. I called and spoke with Martin, who was amazing to deal with!! Thank you Martin for helping me and fixing my accordion.” 

- Antonio A.

Beautiful and Perfect Accordions

“I bought an accordion from these guys at the Accordion Festival in Cotati. The accordion was a beautiful full-size black Excelsior 120-bass. It's a simple model with 2/1 reeds. It has worked perfectly for the last 5 years and sounds amazing. It was $500. It worked out far better than I could have expected.”
- Paul W.

6 Months Full Trade-up

If you keep your purchased instrument in good shape, trade it within 6 months for an item of the same type. We also offer 3 years full trade-up for accordions.

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