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Are you planning to learn a new instrument? If so, then you might well start with ukuleles. Tempo Trend Music in Victoria provides ukuleles from the leading brands in the industry. For the last 3 years, ukuleles have been the number one selling instrument in the world because of their ease of learning. If you have a retirement centre, recreation centre or a school, a ukulele lesson would be the perfect setting for the residents to start on a new hobby. It is a portable instrument and very convenient to use. People of all age groups can learn to play it. Its portability also helps in organizing group lessons.

If you want to take ukulele lessons, contact our music school. Our music school is just above our store and we have a talented staff providing the best possible ukulele lessons. Contact us to get more information about our professional ukulele lessons.

Why Take Ukulele Lessons?

These days, the ukulele has become a mainstream musical instrument that is played by both young and old. This instrument has also found its way into television and reality shows where kids and adults compete to win the title of ukulele champion. In 2016, a young girl won America’s Got Talent. At just 13 years of age, Grace sings simple songs with her ukulele that made everyone love her. In fact, many young people come into our store saying that they want to play the ukulele after being inspired by Grace’s music.

UKULELE Brands We Carry

We carry new and used ukuleles from top brands including:

  • Sunlight
  • Kala
  • Oscar Schmidt
  • Lanikai
  • Kamoa
  • Islander
  • Luna
  • Amahi
  • Stagg
  • Koloa
  • Fluke

OUR Services

In addition to providing our clients and students with top-quality musical instruments, we provide the following services:

  • Sales of new, used and consignment of ukuleles
  • Ukuleles repairs
  • Replacement parts for ukuleles
  • Ukuleles lessons

UKULELES Trade-up Deals

Tempo Trend Music offers trade-up deals on ukuleles. If you keep your instrument in really good shape, you can trade it within 6 months for a more expensive ukulele. You will get 100% back for the first one to apply to the second item if your ukulele is in excellent condition.

Our Business Around the World

Tempo Trend Music is proud to ship musical instruments and their parts all over the world. From North America to Europe and Asia, we ship to all our clients around the world.

What Our Customers are Saying?

Recommend Tempo Trend Music

“Tempo Trend went above and beyond for me today - I came in for an electric tuner for my ukulele that I had bought elsewhere, and the man at the shop showed me how to tune it and took the time to make sure it was functioning perfectly. I will definitely be back!”

- Brianna A.

Exceptional Service Then and Now

“Back in 1987, my father bought my triangular ukulele at this place. A couple of years ago I bought replacement strings and they were nice enough to restring and retune the instrument for me. My younger daughter uses my ukulele at her school, which I played from grade 2-7 and instructed by the late David E. Flanagan.

Exceptional service then and now, will continue going through them for most musical needs.”
- 土萠ほたる

6 Months Full Trade-up

If you keep your purchased instrument in good shape, trade it within 6 months for an item of the same type. We also offer 3 years full trade-up for accordions.

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